Stonehenge Air Museum


The Stonehenge Air Museum of Crystal Lakes, Montana, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational museum whose mission is to acquire, restore, maintain, and display historically significant vintage aircraft.  The Museum preserves the histories of these aircraft in order to increase public understanding and appreciation of the history of military and civilian aviation and the wonder of flight.  We honor the contributions and sacrifices of not only the pilots and crews who flew and maintained these aircraft, but all veterans who served our country.

The museum collection is owned by James E. Smith and presently includes 27 aircraft ranging from biplanes to jets.  The unquestionable queen of the fleet is the 1947 Supermarine Mk 47 Seafire.  Representing the ultimate development in Spitfire technology, this Griffin-powered variant with contra-rotating propellers is the only flyable model in the world today.